I quit sugar - again.

It’s the sweet sugar candyman, the little white granulated rocks that sew your clothes tighter and tighter every single night. He’s usually known to booty call around 10pm and urge you to succumb to his tantalising pressures. You know him, he’s a late night dairy trip, he’s the sweetener to your day - he’s a drug to say the least and I can almost guarantee you’re hooked. 

It took one week of absolute crap to begin this article, I know it’s not the kind of blog post you expect from me but I want to promote general health and wellbeing because that’s a huge element to feeling confident and therefore feeling good, and looking great. 

I was once a hero (please, hold the applause), I quit the white stuff back in November 2016 and never looked back for 9 months until I found myself in America where I had no control of my diet, when you’re away you’re certain to play. I fell into the deep sugary hole. I kick myself now because I initially lost heaps of weight, so naturally, it was a real ease. But now here I am, once again, falling to pieces - can’t deny it, can’t pretend, I became an addict once again.

I’m not the addict that feigns it 24/7, nor do I eat chocolate everyday, or even every week. I don’t even own sugar in my house. It’s the subtle sugars, the quick meals, the condiments of taste, the nights out and the sipping juices and the 4pm slump that always hit me hard.

And now Im feeling frumpy and lumpy so here we are, it’s time to quit again. I hit the books first, Sarah Wilson is my go to girl, her I Quit Sugar Books are incredible, easing you into the initial detox, supplying you with your starter guide ingredient list and not forcing you to go cold turkey - although that’s exactly what I did.

For the first two weeks the goal is to avoid any form of fructose - honey, sugar, fresh fruits, dried fruits, fizzy drinks, juices. The best bet is to make everything yourself, that way you know what’s going into your body.

So I begin the sugar diaries, where I break up with my candyman and give you the little messy details in between. Here’s to week one, feel free to join me.

Goodbye Candyman, we are never, ever getting back together.

Day One: It’s one of those shops where you wheel your trolley around in confidence - “yes that is a whole lot of broccoli and quinoa and yes, I am a good person.” I’m in a really good place, I’m feeling motivated and excited to shop.. until I get to the counter and receive the bill. That initial spend up is heartbreaker but I keep telling myself it’ll be worth it.

Day Two: Bacon is my saving grace, just like last time the idea is to load up on fats to curb any cravings. Fat makes you full and I’m not going to be one to turn down some bacon. Bacon, bacon, bacon. I walked 17kms today, now that’s just silly. I wasn't in the house though, and I wasn't peering into the pantry either - that’s what counts. 

Day Three: I feel like shit. It’s like waking up with a hangover. I keep circling my tongue around my mouth constantly. I kind of want to throw up, someone distract me?

Day Four: Still shit, still want to vomit. I have really bad mood swings and can't sleep, I blamed it on my boyfriend - sorry. 

Day Five: Wow, why am I doing this? I had to go back to the supermarket, I couldn’t make eye contact with the fruit section and actually became extremely distressed. I could kill for a bevy, I bloody well tell you.

Day Six: Bacon, Bacon, Bacon. Today I saw dancing lollipops in the dairy, how sad is that?

Day Seven: Today I am okay. The worst is over.


My top tips:

Buy sparkling water and cut up two ginger slices, smack two mint leaves in your hands and mix together - a very pleasurable and natural alternative to fizzy pop.

Cook in bulk. Take time out to boil large batches of brown rice, roast up a heap of veggies, drizzle in balsamic vinegar, add diced bacon and grill. Kumara in particular has sweet qualities makes it rather delectable. Sometimes it pays to pop a few in your mouth when you feel a craving coming on. 

Avoid certain aisles in the super market. Your best bet is to seek out produce, meat and dairy and leave. I repeat leave! Get out of there, do not stop at the specials and whatever you do - do not go down the chocolate aisle. 

It takes 6 weeks to break a habit so hang in there, you’ll be okay. The first two weeks is the worst, post this time frame you’ll start to develop a new sense of taste - enjoy fruits, vegetables and meals more.

Exercise, meet up with friends and get your move on! I’ve been on long walks (between 7kms - 17kms) to keep busy and I actually have the energy to do it. If not I’m at the gym, even 20 mins a day is better than nothing and often once you start you’ll just keep going because it feels good. 

Set a goal. My birthday is coming up so I told myself that when I hit two weeks sugar free I’ll trial my first RAW cheesecake from Sarah Wilson’s book. I aim to use a muffin tin so I can store them as miniature treats and share them with friends. 

Hannah Jensenbeauty