Beauty and the Brains


Jayna Ravji, a designer and freelance makeup artist is a real enthusiast for how makeup makes us not only look, but also how we feel. For some people make up is seen as this sort of cliché but for others like Jayna, it’s their way of dressing up and showcasing their own identity. “I don’t see make up as mask, it’s like clothing. We dress up our eyelids, cheeks and brows.” Now beauty is about the art. Jayna personally prefers putting it on other people than herself, saying it feels like painting a picture, a life like picture that you can see move around. 

Jayna’s come along way since she was sixteen, when excessive contour and over plucked brows ruled her beauty regime. She said nothing could beat straightened hair, orange foundation, winged eyeliner and chunky mascara, but she said she thought she looked good and that’s what matters. In high school she ran with a few interesting crowds, finding people she could have fun with and genuinely enjoy their company. She wasn’t phased about meeting other people’s expectations.


When it comes to a family influence Jayna credits her sister for helping her along the way, “I would go into her room when she was out of the house and play with all her products. She obviously noticed because she was the one to buy me my first MAC liquid black track eyeliner on my sixteenth birthday.” From there she continued to build her collection, using the money from her part time job to buy bits and bobs here and there,  “Makeup gets me so excited, you could say it’s my kind of modern day porn.” You could also blame, or thank, Youtube for delivering her inspiration. Jayna would avidly wait for 2pm everyday to watch Shaaanxo, a make up talent from her home town who had recently blown up online. 

As much as the makeup community thrives off social media Jayna admits it’s competitive in terms of identity and developing your own. “It’s so hard online, with Instagram, and everything, to decide how you want to develop yourself. People are too inclined to conform to the beauty standards set, skinny girls with Instagram makeup will always get the likes. I’d like to see that change.”

Jayna feels that growing up in the tumblr come Instagram generation everything is about pictures. Her advice to young girls is to take a step back, look the moment and think would you rather live it or take a picture? It’s so important to be present. 

When it comes to your own make up Jayna can’t express enough how important it is to try fun things, even if you’re home alone and not going anywhere. Go to the $2 shop and invest in fun and affordable eye shadows or liners, you’ll never know how special a blue liner makes you feel until you put it on yourself.

In terms of embracing and expressing your own identity remember to go wild, be crazy and forget about what other people think, Jayna says “Putting on makeup doesn’t make you any less of a women, everyone wears clothes so why can’t everyone wear makeup? It’s for men and women.”

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Hannah Jensen