Send me nudes

"Help, please send nudes (advice!)"

Nude lipsticks are all about that casual day to day wear or alternatively perhaps its a night out and you're totally expecting to lock lips with that boy from the dm's (I'm embarrassed I even wrote that.). Well save yourself the smudged up mess now, because sister I have got you covered - whatever the skin tone. 

Finding a nude lipstick for yourself isn't a "one size fits all situation." Depending on your skin tone many nudes could be doing you more harm than gone, washing our your skin tone or making your lips fall flat in comparison to the rest of your complexion. As someone who, to be frank, knows *fuck all (*zilch, nada, absolutely nothing, wings it, shit) about makeup I find myself heavily influenced by people in the media, on the streets and my very own self taught makeup extraordinaire Jayna Ravji (you go girl)

Between the Kylie Jenners, Kardashians and the J-Lo's of the world - what nudes should I be sending? Here's a run down on the most go to (and might I add do-able by the bank account) nudies to get rudie to.


If you've got an pale ivory skin tone your best to look into pinky nudes with a warm undertone. This will bring an overall warmth to the face and tie in with the cute as heck blush you'll have going on ( I recommend Orgasim by NARS) As for lippy try out Please Me by MAC or 


Again, with a paler complexion is best to hit a pink tone to build on your natural lips. A lot of pale people trial brown tone nudes which are just too dark - this is a big no, no. I'm a sucker for Honey Love by MAC but also known to dabble in the cheaper alternative Urban Chic by ChiChi


"Hello nudes, my skin tone was made for you." Damn flabbit olive skin tones get it all - the effortless tan, believable contour, shimmering glow and now the best nude lippys. Bask in your glory because you can get away with mild pink tones AND the badass browns. The all too famous Velvet Teddy (MAC) will be your best friend.


Coming in hot for you is the Nars Audacious Lipstick in Anita which is highly recommended by fellow bloggers and makeup enthusiasts, so how can you go wrong? This is a lovely peachy nude so you can get some serious lip pouting impact across. 


You'll want to go a shade lighter than your actual skin tone and its known that pinks also compliment and enhance your lip shape. Maybelline Color Sensational Lip Colour In Totally Toffee will have you licking your lips with satisfaction, if not never fear - MAC Fresh Brew is meant to knock you off you feet. 














Hannah Jensen